Now that I have the patent, what do I do next?

Your Three Options for Return on Investment:

1. License to an Existing Company/Entity.
For most inventors that secure a patent this option makes the most sense. Licensing requires the least amount of investment from the patent holder in resources, time and money with the best opportunity for return on investment (R.O.I.).

2. Sell the Patent Outright.
Before your patent can reach it’s full value potential it will need to be developed or have a verifiable sales and revenue history. To get to this point typically requires time, resources and money.

3. Develop Market and Sell Product / Technology Yourself.
This is typically the most difficult path and is a full time commitment. You will need significant investment with no guarantee of success.

Whichever path to commercialization you choose, always think of your patent as a business opportunity and decide based on your resources and capability which path you wish to follow to give you the best opportunity for a return on your investment.

Do You Charge a Fee for Your Services ?
We are a profit driven organization and how we are compensated is determined on an individual project basis. This gives our clients and business partners options based on their specific needs. Our goal is always to form client and business partnership relationships that are beneficial for all parties involved.

“If you don’t make money, we don’t make money.”

Do you have contacts to manufacturers?
Yes, with our extensive background and diverse experience in brokering dozens of patents we have thousands of contacts and hundreds of relationships. We also utilize a proprietary database with nearly 500,000 manufacturers looking for new product development opportunities.

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