BankOnIP is a boutique agency that specializes exclusively in extracting revenues and building tangible assets from intellectual property “IP.” Most individuals and small corporations (Small Entity) fall short in maximizing the financial benefits of being a patent holder without proper guidance and representation.

The team at BankOnIP understands the tremendous business advantages and enhanced financial valuations associated with IP ownership. Through our experience of negotiating hundreds of transactions, we help our client/partners navigate this complex process through Proper Assessment:

  • IP owner goals
  • Risk Analysis
  • Valuations

Upon completion of a comprehensive evaluation, our team is then equipped with the ability to design custom marketing plans, which are carried out with proven strategies in order to quickly obtain the best returns available.

Featured News

Patent Licensing In The Cloud: Antitrust Risks

The antitrust laws do impose some limits on a patent holders rights, and as a result patent licensing and litigation have become significant competitive issues in the technology industry in recent years. Click below to read more! News Icon Document Icon

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